Axia iQx 8-Fader Main Frame



Eigenschappen van deze Main Frame console van Axia:


  • Standards-based console supports AES67 and SMPTE 2110-30.
  • Configurable from 8 to 24 faders, each with instant access to any AoIP source.
  • Works with any AES67, Livewire+™ AES67, or Livewire source.
  • Assign any AoIP source to any channel, like having more than 16 million patch points


  • 24 built-in stereo three-band EQs.
  • Channel-input confidence meters assure the operator of audio presence before taking sources to air.
  • Fader’s context-sensitive Soft key can be used to activate talkback, start delivery system events, or perform other special functions.
  • Stereo Preview (“cue”) functions for every fader with a unique interlock system for the fast cueing of multiple sources.
  • Reconfigurable CR monitor section with direct selection of 4 program busses and re-assignable buttons that allow instant monitoring of external sources.
  • Additional monitor section provides separate monitor volume, source selection, and talkback controls for an associated studio.
  • Flexible built-in mix-minus and talkback system lets operators talk to guests and phone/codec sources, each with an associated, automatically created backfeed mix-minus.
  • Precision event timer can be operated manually or triggered by starting preselected sources.
  • Time-of-day clock synchronized to network PTP time or NTP, with time zone and daylight savings settings.
  • Unlimited Source Profiles with four quick-recall snapshots (show profiles).
  • Remote access for configuration, management, and diagnostics using a standard Web browser. No proprietary software required.
  • Auxiliary “V-Mix” remotely controllable 5-input virtual mixer, for whatever extra audio need you may have.


  • Four main stereo program bus outputs, plus bus outputs for Record, Phone, CR Monitor, CR Monitor Direct, CR Headphones, Preview, Talkback to CR, Talkback to External, Studio Guest HP, Studio Monitor, Studio Talent HP.
  • Automatic mix-minus provided for any source input.
  • 5 stereo input to 1 stereo output, auxiliary “V-Mix” mixer.
  • 2 network ports, 1 for link to the AoIP network and 1 for a local I/O.
  • Fanless power supply standard; second redundant power supply optional.



  • Unit weight: 12 lbs / 5.5 kg.
  • Shipping weight: 25 lbs / 11.4 kg.
  • W: 20.4”(518.5mm), L: 18.2”(463.3mm), H: 4.4”(111.4mm)