De nieuwe AXITE digitale mengtafel (gebaseerd op het AXUM-platform) is een nieuw modulair, volledig voorgeprogrammeerd platform dat op elk moment met u en uw organisatie kan groeien. The new Axite digital mixing tables (Based on the AXUM-platform) is a new, modular, fully pre-programmed platform which grows with your demands and your organisation.

I/O carts can be shared between systems and stations and people who decide to use the Axite as a main-mixing-table, can be sure to be future-proof

The Axite kan be used for a small, local 6-fader desktopuse and bigger use (128 faders max) productions and everything in between.

A large matrix of 1280×1280 with comprehensive signal modulation on max. 128 stereochannels available, which can be assigned to 16 channels and/or sixteen monitorbuses, as well as directly between the maximum of 4 DPS’s.

Do you want a custom configuration? Then contact us!

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– 6 to 126 Alps faders

– Faders can be used for channel faders and bus masters

– Scalable On-Air/Production Console

– Separated control surfaces and I/O racks

– Control surfaces connected to Ethernet.

– Internal website for control setup (Pre programmed in factory)

– I/O matrix of 1280 x 1280

– 16 stereo summing buses (Prog, Sub, Cue, Comm, 12x Aux) and 4 stereo monitoring buses

– 16 Talk back buses

– 4 stereo monitor buses per DSP card

Inputs can be directly linked to outputs

– 128 Stereo DSP channels max (4 DSP Cards inserted)

– Digital gain control

– 6 band comprehensive EQ

– Extensive, built-in Voice Processing

– Processing presets

– Module presets

– Console presets

– Direct outputs available

– Converters are 24bit / 96kHz

– Cobra Net option

– Assignable channel meters in version 3.0

– Pop up Equalizer graphics per kanaal

– On-Air indication on screen

– Phone indication on screen

– Phase meters on modules, buses, monitors

– Accurate Broadcast Clock

– Redundant feeding optional for both the Control Surface and the I/O rack

– Optional Remote Control Surface application

With this new Axite controllers in combination with the trusted, modular 19″ core of Axum, it creates attractive pricing for this digital mixing table.

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