DEVA DB90-TX IP Audio Encoder

The DEVA DB90-TX is an integrated client for digital audio signals via IP. Supports HE-AAC and MPEG-1 Layer 3 audio streams and PCM uncompressed streams for a connection without quality loss. Decoding is done in real-time by a powerful DSP processor and the output is available both analog and digital. In addition, the DB90-TX is compact in size. All this makes it possible to easily connect existing audio to the internet.

To make it easy, the DB90-RX can be operated and managed via a standard Web browser, PC, PDA or similar. The DEVA DB90-TX is therefore an excellent choice for both professional and consumer applications.

The DEVA DB90-TX is a nice combination with the DB90-RX. For radio stations that want to use this set for broadcasts on location, it is important to know that the connection is initiated from the DB90-RX.

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  • High quality HE-AAC (v.1 and v.2) and MPEG-1 Layer-3 compression

  • Supports 32/44.1/48/96 kHz sample rates

  • Max. 56 kbps bitrate for HE-AAC

  • Max. 320 kbps bit rate for MPEG-1 Layer-3

  • Max. 3072 kbps for PCM

  • 6x LEDs and Phones output

  • IP address is named at startup (by headphones)

  • DHCP Client automatically assigns network settings

  • Full control and easy installation via standard web browser

  • UPnP for easy discovery in local networks

  • Shoutcast / Icecast compatible TCP / IP stream

  • Analogue audio input (2 x RCA connectors)

  • Digital audio-input (RCA-connector)

  • RJ-45 Ethernet connector

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