Barix Exstreamer audio decoder

The Barix Exstreamer 100 audio decoder converts streams on the internet to an analog audio output without the need for a PC. It is attractively priced and very popular. Different sources can be set as both network streaming and local USB media. The streaming client can be used as a shared audio network as well as a simple MP3/WMA player without a network connection.

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  • Plays MP3 en WMA audio

  • Can also use local USB media when the network is not connected

  • Easy to set up with a standard Web browser

  • Supports various network protocols, such as HTTP, RTP and MMS, HTTP proxy support for the HTTP protocol

  • Adjustable for as many as 3 sources of which 1 is the primary one and the other 2 as backups

  • Supports M3U playlists

  • Easy to set up using DHCP, BOOTP, by configuring as static IP, or with the IPzator technology

  • Standby mode

  • SonicIP is used to define the IP address

  • Automatic firmware updates for HTTP

  • SNMP monitoring

  • MTELL monitoring

  • Supports PING/ICMP

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