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VOLT has rewritten the rules for DSP, refined the algorithms and created an incredibly versatile 1RU audio processor. The VOLT gives you more sound quality and processing power in one rack unit.

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With the VOLT, Omnia has rewritten the rules for DSP, refined the algorithms and created an incredibly versatile 1RU audio processor. The VOLT gives you more sound quality and processing power in one rack unit.

Main functions:
– New-Generation Frank Photo-designed Clipper. The latest most advanced thinking about clipper design from a processing legend.
– Dynamics Engine designed by Senior Algorithm Developer Cornelius Gould.
– Six separate AGC sections. One broadband band, plus five separate, time-related, multi-band sections, each with separate controls for each key parameter. Plus an adjustable mid-band crossover. Give your transmitter the loudness and consistent sound it deserves!
– Five separate time-based limiters, each with a separate drive, interlock, threshold and attack/default. They offer you protection against overmodulation while maintaining a loud sound.
– Variable deep bass, phat bass and heat amplifiers. Get that fleshy Omnia sound, refined the way you want it.
– Bass Pre-Clipper. Fully adjustable with Tightness and Girth controls. You have a strong, listener who hears a pleasant bass without having to worry about intermodulation distortion.
– Clipper Silk Adjusting the side of the clipper. If your format is sensitive to treble distortion, you can add just enough Silk to clear those high frequencies.
– Sensus Processing for digital programme flows. Omnia’s exclusive Sensus algorithms actually predict how HD, DRM or multicasting data reduction will affect your sound. They condition your signal, making compression sound better, even at low bit rates.
– Adjustable BS-412 threshold and processing for full compliance with ITU standards.
– Stereo Enhancement for FM Analog, without the addition of Multipath. You get a wider, more exciting signal that jumps out of listeners’ radios.
– Variable High-Pass en Switchable Phase Rotator. These ultra-low frequencies, too low to be experienced as bass by listeners, will not deprive you of on-air power.
– Automatic Mono “Dry Voice” Sensing. Ideal for FM analog stereo stations using extreme processing: it holds an extra hand on the clipper to stop distortion when the L R channel is amplified by mono signals.
– Fully flexible signal path. Use analog, AES/EBU digital or Livewire┬« AoIP inputs; analog, AES/EBU digital, Livewire or composite outputs. Adjust the channel balance and correct polarity separately for each input. Save and recall input/output settings for different applications. All outputs are always active, regardless of the type of input.
– Switchable plug-in points for Voltair, Watermark Encoders, or other downstream coding. Optimize your air chain and eliminate the need for external pre-treatment! You can feed encoders with a pre-processed signal from VOLT’s multi-band AGC and limiters so your encoder sees a stronger and more reliable signal. Then enter the output of the encoder back into VOLT so that you can cut after encoding to protect against excessive modulation.
– Automatic “Failover” signal switching. Designate a backup input to use if your main signal fails or STL fails. Automatically switch to this source, with adjustable sensitivity, or activate it if necessary.
– The QuickT weak system lets you fine-tune your sound like a genius in processing. You’ll get exactly the processing you want in minutes, while on the go, right from the front panel or a connected computer or tablet.
– The graphical user interface is easy to navigate, but gives you the deep control you need.
– Built-in HTML-5 server for full control from any computer, tablet or smartphone….. without any special plug-ins.
– Robust 1RU construction fits into any control room, technical centre or transmitter bank, with highly visible LED meters.
– Cool Running, fanless operation. VOLT can even be used near live microphones.
– Flexible Pre-Emphasis Switching makes it easy to fit VOLT into any air chain.
– Dual Variable Composite Outputs (met FM DSP|Core).
– Variable Pilot Level and Phase (with FM DSP|Core).
– The built-in tone generator ensures fast setting and calibration.

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