Røde Podcaster USB Microphone

Een microfoon op de PC aansluiten kan haast niet eenvoudiger. Connecting a microphone to your PC can’t be easier Without external micro-phone pre amp or mixing panel and AD converter, you can connect this Rode Podcaster USB microphone directly to an USB port entrance on your PC. For easy and quick voicetracking at home or recording of newsitems, it’s really convenient.

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  • Broadcast audioquality

  • 28mm dynamic microphone head

  • 18-bit resolution, 8-48kHz sampling

  • Windows and Mac compatible

  • Feeding through USB-port

  • Internal hanging of the microphone head

  • 3.5mm stereo headphone output with volume management built in the frame

  • Ideal for voicetrackers who’ll want to record their voicetracks at home

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