Røde Procaster Dynamic Microphone

With the Rode Procaster you’ll get a viable alternative for an attractive price for the well-known dynamic Shure SM7B microphone Decent en built robust. Optimized voor de display of voice sounds on which surrounding sounds get suppressed. Dynamic, so no phantomfeed is necessary

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  • Audioquality by broadcasting-standards

  • Aiming sensitivity:

  • Dynamic head with high output levels

  • Balanced output with low impedance (320 ohm)

  • Internal feathering suspension of the hairstyle for minimal contact sounds

  • Interne windscreenfilter

  • Robust, metal construction

  • Designed and built in Australia

  • Ten year warranty

  • Weight 695 gram

  • Measurements 214mmH x 53mmW x 53mmD

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