Total Vendor

Due to our many years of experience in broadcast we can provide you with a perfect total solution, whether it is the pairing of multiple transmitters on an antenna system or to the audio supply to the transmitter we select for you application the best materials and offer You a fair price.


Our field service engineers arrive well prepared on site for activities such as building up, installing, testing, measuring, modifying, maintaining and commissioning your transmission system.


Do you have problems with reach, can’t receive your transmitter where you want to, or do you want to know how to optimize an installation? Aircast provides the best advice.

Aircast is a dynamic company  with the main focus on the broadcast market. Because of the manny years of experience that the employees of Aircast have, we can offer innovative solutions that are consistent with the customer’s demand .


What our customers have said about us

I came into contact with Kenny via a colleague radio station. I only knew him as an antenna manufacturer and didn’t know that you could come to him for other work as well. I remember our first telephone contact very well. Sometimes you immediately feel a click, now: I had that feeling right away with Kenny. It is someone who sincerely thinks along with you, even if you are ‘just’ a local radio station with a limited budget. In addition, there is a great skill present when it comes to FM technology. The main advantage is the accessibility. You have one direct contact who, like me, lives for his profession. I have worked together successfully on a number of occasions and I am sure that we will do so again in the future.

Michael Vanderfeesten

CEO, FM Goud / The North Limburg Radio Group