Aircast is a dynamic company which focuses on the broadcast market. Thanks to the years of experience of Aircast’s employees, we are able to offer innovative solutions that are needle-less in line with the customer’s requirements.

Aircast is able to execute both small and large projects under its own management or because cooperation with various partners has been established. Of course, work by partners only takes place under the supervision of Aircast.  At Aircast you are therefore insured of direct and short line with your supplier and above all you will always receive a honest advice.
After all, we aim for a long-term relationship with our customers.


Transmission Range Optimisation

In the field of HF, Aircast represents the well-known brand Lambda technologies, known for its versatile antenna applications.  Through an optimal antenna system, a broadcaster can achieve better coverage and can therefore reach a larger audience. Aircast likes to think along with the customer and can guide and implement optimisations for you.  From a range study, guiding the application at the VRM to the construction of the system, with us you are assured of a professional approach.




If you also need power or if your current transmitter is in need of replacement, Aircast can also help you, we supply broadcasting transmitters in different versions and brands. From simple transmitters to complex transmitters with built-in redundancy and remote monitoring capabilities. It’s worth noting that Aircast not only supplies FM transmitters but is also an expert in the field of DAB+ technology.


Professional Service Department

With Aircast you can expect a professional service department supported by an expert technical service. The employees of Aircast are trained internally in the latest product knowledge and latest technological developments.  Aircast has its own own repair service, both in our workshop and in the field we can perform measurements and repairs for you.


Broadcast Equipment

In addition to antennas, a broadcaster can also contact us for transmitters, filters, sound processing and all kinds of studio technology. We can provide brands such as Orban, Omnia, D&R Studer, Axia and Lawo for you. 



You can also hire materials from Aircast. Especially for events, Aircast has a large stock of materials available.  Whether it’s a mobile mast, a complete transmission system or just an iXm microphone with recording function, please contact us and we will help you find the right materials.